Seek Consultation From Private GP Birmingham Today

You are down with a horrible cold and have a slight temperature. Although these indications were not so alarming a couple of years ago, today it might mean the onset of the dreaded Coronavirus. As a resident of Birmingham, you should not delay any longer and seek an appointment with a private GP birmingham. There is no need for you to consult a specialist yet, as the general physician is quite capable of treating you for your ailment. However, if the professional senses that you are suffering from something serious, which he cannot handle, he might refer you to a specialist. Once you book an appointment and visit the general physician, he will check your pulse, heartbeat, temperature, blood pressure, as well as your blood oxygen levels. The level of oxygen in the blood is extremely important since it determines whether you should go for a Covid test. If necessary, the GP will conduct a nasal swab test and send the fluid to a pathological lab to confirm whether you are suffering from Covid or not.

Other tests conducted by the general physician

The GP is quite capable of testing and diagnosing a large variety of ailments ranging from fever to bone fractures. If necessary, he will request you to undergo a TCDC and haemoglobin test of the blood as well as a blood test for sugar levels (both fasting and PP). He will study the results of these tests to determine your ailment. If he suspects that you are suffering from a fractured bone, he will recommend you to get an X-ray done and check the plate to confirm whether your bone is fractured or not. On other occasions, he might recommend other tests such as an electrocardiogram to check the condition of your heart. If he feels that you are suffering from something serious, he might advise a CT scan of the affected region. Once he is sure about the ailment, he will prescribe medicines. Such a specialist can carry out minor surgeries as well. If he feels that you are suffering from an ailment that requires diagnosis beyond his capability, he will refer you to a specialist.

A stitch in time saves nine

Most people visit the GP when they do not feel well. However, you should not follow this trend. You should visit the private GP Birmingham at least twice a year for a general check-up of your body. This allows the doctor to detect ailments and prescribe medications to curb them before they get out of control. Remember, the private GP Birmingham is your friend and the first person to approach if you are not feeling well. A typical consultant appointment will cost between £100 and £250, depending on the nature of the consultation. However, this is nothing compared to what you have to pay if the ailment increases and you have to stay in the nursing home for several days to get it treated. Never opt for over-the-counter drugs to cure you if you are feeling feverish. It is always better to seek the opinion of a private GP Birmingham instead.