Employment Law

What Can An Employment Solicitor Help You With?

Being comfortable and respected at work is important, whether you are full or part-time job. These feelings contribute to our happiness and can have an impact on our personal lives too. It can be hard to voice a concern when it comes to work, and it may be difficult to know your employment rights.

Fortunately, if you find any problems on the job or feel like you’re being mistreated there are people who can provide help. An employment law solicitor can offer a wide range of legal advice for employment matters, including unfair dismissal, advising on further action.

If you have problems with the law, an employment law firm can provide a strategy and settle any issues to find a positive outcome. If you would like to find out more about how a professional employment law firm could help your business, keep reading.

What does employment law refer to

Employment law covers all the laws regarding employers, employees and the government. It is an area of law that protects the relationship between all parties. The legislation deals primarily with compensation and equity among employees, as well as working conditions such as discrimination, workplace safety, and minimum wage requirements.

Employment law is similar for every company no matter how big or small, and employment lawyers will normally have your best interests in mind.

Employment solicitor responsibilities

Representing people at work can involve many things. One of them is working with a lawyer. Here are some things employment law firm would do for their clients: Collect information, get the appropriate documents, give professional advice and negotiate settlements, just to name a few.

A law firm can offer advice for how best to protect the company against these claims, HR rules about hiring and exiting employment, and more.

When you first speak with a legal advisor, they will talk to you about the basics of your case: employment duration, what your salary is, details of the issue and what has transpired up to that point. It is important you have documentation to back up your side of the story, and if you’ve already discussed it with anyone.

How can employment solicitors help?

An employment solicitor can help with an extensive array of issues, including for both employers and employees. We will detail five common problems that can occur in the workplace and how you can get help with them.

Dismissed unfairly

Unfair dismissal is one of the most common issues that an employment solicitors deal with for employees. Whether or not your case will have a chance at success will depend on your unique situation. The majority of employees are not eligible to raise a claim for unfair dismissal if they haven’t been employed for over 2 years. The minimum worker requirement is two years.

Employees are offered three months to follow complaints. If you feel your dismissal was based on grounds of discrimination against protected characteristics then you are within your rights to make a complaint regardless of the time limit.

We provide legal employment law advice, so if you’re worried about your dismissal, you’re protected. We also have a legal team on hand who can help you deal with potential conflicts.

Termination of employment is always tricky, but an employment lawyer can provide expert legal advice and unbiased information to help you make a decision. They might recommend that you take your claim to the employment tribunal, work with a solicitor on a collective redress scheme or other solution.

Disciplinary situations

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, it is important to follow the correct legal procedure in any disciplinary process so that all parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

If you’ve just been given an increase in responsibility or managing a new team, making disciplinary decisions may feel like a daunting task. You might not be sure about which measures to take and how far to go with them.

An employment law firm can advise you on legal ways to discipline employees and allow them to be involved in the process. They can handle issues without conflict, preparing for all eventualities. \Whenever an employee commits a misconduct, it’s important they correctly follow the disciplinary process. The process can be long and complicated and involve a lot of paperwork and meetings, so it’s critical that employees are well aware of what to do at different stages.


Both business owners and their employees may want to consult with a law firm for help in contract negotiations if there is a disagreement. Contracts are crucial because they specify the rights and obligations of each party, such as pay rates, working hours and paid leave. Ensure you look over the terms of your contract closely and make sure to agree with them before signing.

Legal experts who specialise in employment law can negotiate a lucrative deal for you and ensure that your contract meets all legal standards. One of the main points of disagreement when it comes to a new salary has been your previous pay.

This is where the help of an experienced solicitor can be helpful in building a firm case for why you deserve more. One key to successful negotiation is doing so in a way that both parties come out of the conversation feeling as if they have achieved something. It may also help you to demonstrate to your employer what valuable skills you have and make sure everyone is on board with the outcome.

Seek professional advice if you think a contact has been broken and need to speak with an employment tribunal.

Workplace discrimination

If you experience discrimination of any kind, this is illegal and you should speak to HR or your line manager. There are a lot of aspects that legally a discrimination against at work, things like sex, race, religion and age. If any of these protected characteristics are having an impact on how you currently feel, then it is best to talk to a lawyer. They can listen and help you find a proper course of action.

Some of the ways that discrimination can show up in an organisation are by men and women being paid different salaries for similar work, firing or selecting people based on their age, enforcing different guidelines or dress standards between genders, to dismissing someone due to the being pregnant.

If you’re an employee and you need some legal advice, an employment solicitor can help to make sure your rights are protected. If a tribunal claims arise, there’s nothing better than enlisting their help.


There are a lot of benefits to AI, but they shouldn’t be used to replace human interaction. If you feel bullied by your boss or other employees (or vice versa), this might not be the place for you.

We consider any offensive comment or offensive action to be abuse. These may include inappropriate questions about protected characteristics and anything that makes you feel unsafe.

If any of these challenges worry you, get in touch with our professional employment solicitors. With more than 40 years of experience, we can take care of that for you and offer support to help with negotiating contracts, upholding employee rights and answering questions about HR.

Whether you want to find a job or find new clients, we have the expertise to help you make the best decision. To learn more about our services or schedule an initial consultation, call today.